Wellness Area

Borgo Storico Seghetti Panichi’s wellness area is located next to the swimming pool. It includes a massage and treatment room, a two-person sauna and all related services.

Guests can choose from a selection of personalised beauty and relaxation treatments, such as oriental, invigorating or relaxing massages, performed with the experience of our trained and qualified staff.

The ideal place to rest and dedicate yourself to both the body and mind.

Sensory Massages


Face Massage

30 minutes
40,00 euro

Partial Massage
De-contracting shoulders and high back or draining for legs.

30 minutes
45,00 euro

Hawaian Lomi Lomi Massage
Long rhythmic movements to stretch the muscles and loosen the joints for a relaxing and de-stressing effect.

50 minutes
70,00 euro

Massage Made to Measure
De-contracting, draining, relaxing.

60 minutes
75,00 euro

Relaxing Bioenergetic Body Massage
It allows deep relaxation and a feeling of well- being and serenity.

60 minutes
75,00 euro

Stone Therapy Massage
An extremely relaxing and pleasant massage, particularly suitable for muscle spams. It includes the use of both hot and cold marble stones.

90 minutes
100,00 euro

Open-air Massage
A ‘once-only’ experience in the quiet surrounding of a wonderful bio-energetic garden. Due to weather condition, it is available only in certain periods and particular time of the day. A true reawakening of senses to regain energy and wellness.

75 minutes
150,00 euro

Face – Body Treatments


Personalized Face Treatment
To choose among revitalising, hydrating, toning or purifying.

40 minutes
75,00 euro

Lifting Face Treatment
To choose among hydrating, purifying, revitalising or lifting.

60 minutes
90,00 euro

Sea Salt Body Scrub
Sea salt and oil body scrub with draining action.

30 minutes
50,00 euro

Cane Sugar Body Scrub
Cane sugar and oil body scrub with emollient action

30 minutes
50,00 euro

Body Mud
Draining and detoxifying or Firming and tonifying

50 minutes
80,00 euro

Quick services



18,00 euro


28,00 euro

Semipermanent nail polish

25,00 euro

Reconstruction gel nails

70,00 euro

Hair removal

from 7,00 to 55,00 euro

Hair set

30,00 euro


40,00 euro


40,00 euro

Sauna (with massages)

15,00 euro


20,00 euro