From the Borgo you can see the Adriatic Sea, with its blue-green shades, a mere twenty minutes away. Grottammare and San Benedetto del Tronto are coastal locations that deserve more than a second glance, with a number of long, spacious beaches equipped with every convenience and particularly suited to families. They are set off by a promenade that is one of the most beautiful in Italy (especially the southern part of San Benedetto), characterised by a captivating succession of majestic palm trees, hence the name of “Riviera delle Palme”. Grottammare, a charming fishing village, is quieter and more intimate than San Benedetto, which becomes quite hectic in the high season. The restaurants and bars litter the promenade, facing the sea and the beach. You can choose one of these places in which to eat or spend the whole day relaxing.

Seafood-based cuisine

Exceptional seafood restaurants line the coast. You can go from relaxation of the body to relaxation of the palate, in smooth and restful succession. You can choose from the most exclusive restaurants and typical trattorias, with each offering a number of dishes based on fresh seafood. It is no coincidence that San Benedetto del Tronto is one of the foremost fishing ports, while the Adriatic Sea offers an interesting variety of seafood including exquisite shellfish.

Low season

In the months of September and October, the weather is still warm and the beaches aren’t as busy. Autumn is the ideal time to visit the Marche.